Sammy Seagull print brooklyn artist wayne pate
When we first saw this Frenchie Seagull print (“Sammy Seagull” is apparently his name) browsing at the Brooklyn Flea we were all “aw, I love this,” but we didn’t want to carry it around for the rest of the day. We were going to be eating brisket and hot dogs, after all. Plus I had a baby slung to my chest. On subsequent Flea trips, we never saw this print there again. One day in the fall on a Brooklyn playground we espied the Frenchie Seagull on a mama’s tote bag, but as a gift from a friend, she couldn’t remember the artist. A Googling of “French Seagull brooklyn art” yielded no desired results at the time (although now it does, voila, check Frenchie out.).

Anyway, some time passed and somehow we came upon a Brooklyn-Flea-related post about the Flea Design Coop, the booth where we originally saw the print. And there was artist Wayne Pate. At least we think that’s how we tracked down his quaint, quirky, original prints.

Don’t you want one? I mean seven?

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